Individual journey — Wachirawit Siridachanon

Best, Wachirawit Siridachanon 6258064556

Chief Financial Officer and Vice head of Customer relations

By the end of semester 1/2021 consisting of 16 weeks, I and my group aim to set the semester goal as follows.

Semester goal:

(Jan 21 — May 21) — By Best Wachirawit

“135 days of training from P’Tan Globish”

From the beginning of 2021, our milestone was restricted by the current performance encompassing an unfinished website from Indian Programmers and a low margin. Consequently, all goals were not predicted on a high scale…

Wachirawit Siridachanon |6258064556

This blog describes my journey from working at SOPet in 2021. Currently, My position is CFO and Vice Head of customer and relationship. In this semester, we aim to accomplish and create

Since the day, we have met our mentor “P’ Tan”, CTO of Globish. Our team has been developed from a tiny seed to be a ready-growth one.

During 8 weeks of mentoring and operating our business, P’ Tan and S.O.Pet gave me not only learning but also impactful experiences. …

Wachirawit Siridachanon


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