Since the day, we have met our mentor “P’ Tan”, CTO of Globish. Our team has been developed from a tiny seed to be a ready-growth one.

During 8 weeks of mentoring and operating our business, P’ Tan and S.O.Pet gave me not only learning but also impactful experiences.
From both of them, I can separate my “learn” into 5 aspects.

5 Learn from S.O.Pet

1. Learn from beginning

P’ Tan tried to teach us simply with easy understanding by allowing us to learn and analyze from the structure of famous startups such as Globish and Via bus. He used the simple way to explain a complicated business into one diagram. So, we can easily gain the base of how these successful businesses reach this point and adapted it with our own. Moreover, it caused us to observe the usual business that we have used in daily life to see hidden aspects behind the success.

2. Learn from real users

Actually, this learn is endless. Our users are the main factor in our business. Therefore, we spent the most time with “learn” from our users. Validate users’ needs on both clients and vets caused us to know the different perspectives of both sides. Also, we can know how we can create services to serve their needs. I divided our “learn” from users into two main stages.

  • Before launching our platform

We started by interviewing pet owners to gain insight and compared their general pain points with our prediction. Then, we conclude our validation to consult with vets. It is great to receive responsiveness and tested that our solution is suitable for them or not. So, we can improve our services in the right spot.

  • After launching our platform

After we launch our MVP (Facebook Page), we have learned from both real customers and vets. This process quite harder than the previous stage because we have to deal with money. Therefore, we created customer and vet insight to receive feedback regularly. So, we can know which are our mistakes. Then, we can keep improving them to be satisfied on both sides of our users. Moreover, not only the users’ feedback that I received but also their feelings. During the consultation, we engaged in what customers and vets felt and how we can respond to those emotions. For example, in an emergency case, Clients were anxious and worried all the time. Also, vets cannot do much due to the limitation of the consultation. Therefore, our duty is how to make both sides satisfied. We tried to relieve our users by the emotional quote like “Hope your pets get well soon” for clients and “Thank you for your hard-working”. In my opinion, even though this is a simple sentence, it can touch the heart of our users.

3. Learn from real experts

As we are a new player in this industry, experts are important to coach us in the right way. Therefore, P’Tan invited two experts: P’Mhee and P’Troy. Both of them are successful entrepreneurs who gave us advice on our business. Their advice impact to our business. They suggested another side of our services that we might not know. Therefore, we can learn perspective from real players to adapt it more realistic.

4. Learn from experiences

The most precious experience was practical experiences. We learned many things after launching our Facebook Page. Many barriers that we have faced are the main lesson for us to keep growing by not staying at the same spot.

As you can see in my successful graph based on my personal feeling, you can see that our success rate fluctuated all the time. Until our success reached the peak after we improve the features in MVP. At that time, we learned from both user’s insight and experiences of how to handle the problem daily. Those combinations affected our services to reach the highest success rate.

5. Learn from brainstorming

One successful key of a startup is the teammates’ perspective. P’Tan always encourages us to express and share our ideas by brainstorming. It allows us to work easier with having the same target. Moreover, one thing that makes our brainstorming effective is because P’ Tan often responses to our opinions with interest. That makes us dare to express our ideas.